Thanks to Social Media, Medium and Small Businesses are now getting Worldwide Exposure

why social media marketing


Social media is one of the most powerful tools for getting the target audience’s attention. It has rapidly become the most important marketing platforms that can be used to increase business visibility. Applying a social media strategy, can help significantly increase brand recognition, customer engagement and loyalty. For exceptional work, it can also produce a vast audience in the shortest possible time.
From conceptualising, planning, helping in content creation to promoting your business, My City My News provide reliable solutions at every step of your Social Media Campaign.

The good part of social media is, that you can get a fair idea of the efficacy of your campaign, and is well known to get you the highest return on your investment among all media campaigns.

The print media today on the other hand, is the least effective, least transparent and has the lowest return on investment for a media campaign, and the reasons for this are obvious – With print media, there is no multimedia to explain the business better, and no possibility of quick sharing or any interaction.



How it Works

1. A team member will request you to outline a plan on what aspects of your business you want to be specially promoted.

2. A conceptual outline will then be drawn, and shared with you for final approval.

3. Content will then be created around the concept, and then shared on various social media platforms.

4. Team members will be assigned to keep a track of responses, and will apprise you of the developments. Though answering the queries will remain your responsibility, a team member can assist you if required.

5. You follow up and see your business grow – with more real world presence, more leads, more enquiries.


Look at any movie release, any brand launch, even any political party’s campaign, and you quickly realise, that today there are hardly any advertisements about those in the papers. All the noise is on Social Media.

Here are some interesting (though exceptional) examples of social media campaigns which have helped establish their brands.

With over 10 million views, imagine the kind of cost the company would have had to bear for the same kind of views in print media, on any other advertising platform.

And here is another example : Over 1 million views in the first 10 days of launch! What a wonderful use of social media for viewership on such a small budget!

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